Dalat is one of the most famous tourist cities in Vietnam. Located at an altitude of 1,500 meters above sea level, Dalat of Vietnam not only touches the hearts of visitors for the beautiful landscape as a paradise, but also for the cool and comfortable climate. The landscapes in Dalat look like a pretty girl, dreamed inside and wild outside, easily attract visitors at first sight. Dalat is also known by other names such as City of Flowers, City of Love, City of Spring, City of Fog. With romantic beauty, wild beauty and nostalgic beauty, Dalat, Vietnam will be an ideal place to cultivate the love of anyone.

 Dalat is one of the most famous tourist cities in Vietnam. Located at an altitude of 1,500 meters above sea level, Dalat of Vietnam not only touches the hearts of visitors for the beautiful landscape as a paradise, but also for the cool and comfortable climate. The landscapes in Dalat look like a pretty girl, dreamed inside and wild outside, easily attract visitors at first sight. Dalat is also known by other names such as City of Flowers, City of Love, City of Spring, City of Fog. With romantic beauty, wild beauty and nostalgic beauty, Dalat, Vietnam will be an ideal place to cultivate the love of anyone.

Feel the city of love - Dalat, Vietnam with essential destinations
Although every corner in Dalat brings you a very new feel, the must-see destinations are the ones you can not miss when traveling to Vietnam. Write them down in your travel manual because they are the blood vessels that will take you to the heart of Dalat city and help you discover the attractions of this land. Are you ready? We start!

The central area of Dalat, Vietnam - Where love begins


 Dalat Market - The ideal destination for shopping
In reference to the Am Phu market, all the people in Dalat, Vietnam think about the beautiful place that shines at night, that is the name of the night market of the Dalat Market. The night in Dalat is cold, so the night market dishes are hot, rich, with an attractive aroma that can be heated at any time. This is also where you buy items, souvenirs, clothes, shoes, coats, etc, for the cold weather with a very affordable price. You can also buy fruits and other specialties there.

The market is open until 9:00 p.m. and is free for all entry.

Xuan Huong Lake - The symbol of the natural beauty of Dalat, Vietnam

Xuan Huong Lake is a mandatory destination for tourists on the first morning or afternoon on the day they arrive in Dalat, Vietnam. When you see the sunrise and sunset in the lake, you will feel the romanticism and the multicolored sky reflected in the lake as an artistic painting.

In the area of the lake there are interesting activities such as pedal ducks, horse-drawn carriages, double bicycles for approximately VND 50,000 per person. These activities will make you fully enjoy the scenery there.

Love Valley - Romantic place you can not miss


 The beautiful valley of love is the ideal place for dating, to contemplate nature. Not far from the city center, the valley complex is open every day from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Admission prices: for adults: VND 100,000 per person, for children under 1.2 meters: VND 50,000 per person. The above prices include the entrance to Valle de Amor and entertainment services.

Palace III - The vestige of the last dynasty in Dalat, Vietnam
The palace of King Bao Dai is a unique architecture with a majestic, elegant and ancient style. That's where the last king of Vietnam - King Bao Dai worked, held meetings and banquets. You can also see his throne in this palace. The price of admission is VND 20,000 per person.

Dalat Railway Station - The oldest in Indochina


 The Dalat train station is a favorite place for young people visiting Dalat, Vietnam; Especially couples at their wedding. The station has a unique architecture from each locomotive, the railway serrated and included the space in the train compartment with the oldest and unique architectural style of Indochina. One ticket to visit the Dalat train station costs only VND 10,000.

Flower garden - The colorful carpet in Dalat, Vietnam


 The flower garden is the paradise of the city of flowers - Dalat, Vietnam. This place gathers all kinds of colorful flowers like a bright carpet, conserving and cultivating more than 200 different species of flowers, both national and imported, such as roses, hydrangeas, mimosas, azaleas, gerberas, etc. It is not wrong to say that the Dalat flower garden is a museum of flowers. The entrance fee is currently VND 40,000 per adult and VND 20,000 for children under 1.2 meters in height.

Cathedral Domaine de Marie - The pink and unique construction


 Approximately 1 kilometer from the city center of Dalat, the Domaine De Marie cathedral is not only famous for its unique architectural design: the walls are painted pink and the roof system is shaped like the communal house of ethnic minorities in Tay Nguyen; This is also an attractive destination for visitors who want to discover the beauty of Dalat from above. You can see almost the entire city from the open view on the Mai Anh hill.

Destinations in the Lake Tuyen Lam area - Prenn mountain pass

Pongour Waterfall - Immerse in the unspoiled nature of Dalat, Vietnam
Pongour Waterfall is known as "The most beautiful waterfall in the southern sky". The natives also call it another name that is a seven-story waterfall, because its current flows through the seven-story stone system with a height of almost 40 meters. The waterfall is surrounded by a virgin forest with diverse vegetation.
You must prepare the food because the waterfall complex only sells snacks, such as baked potato or baked corn.

Lake Tuyen Lam - The lake hidden in the fog
Lake Tuyen Lam is about 6 kilometers south of the city center of Dalat. This place has cool climate, quiet space, and beautiful natural scenery. You can play ducks on the pedal or have coffee while watching the lake. You can also travel around the lake on a boat from VND 300,000 to VND 500,000 for a group of 6 to 15 people. Around the lake there are many good restaurants, or if you like to try other popular dishes, go to the nearby restaurants of the complex.

Lavender Hill - The violet flower garden Lavender
This new lavender hill has been planted in the tourist area of Lavender Dalat, in the area of Lake Tuyen Lam. The lavender hill is quite wild, so it has a romantic beauty and mixed the violet color of flower and green color of the lake. Lavender is planted in hills of thousands of square meters and offers a beautiful view. The price of admission for adults is VND 100,000 and for children it is half.

 Truc Lam Monastery - The visit and worship destination of Dalat, Vietnam
The Truc Lam Monastery is one of the three largest monasteries in Vietnam belonging to Truc Lam Yen Tu. The road to the monastery is surrounded by huge pine forests. You can take the cable car to get there. The one-way ticket is VND 50,000 and the one-way ticket is VND 70,000.

Since the monastery is a sacred sanctuary, visitors must respect the following rules:

No purchases or exchanges in the monastery area.
No dress or short skirts.
When you come to the main room, you should leave your shoes outside and do not take the picture.
The interior areas where the monks live are not allowed to visit.

Destinations in the Cu Lan Village area - LangBiang Hill

 LangBiang Hill - A magnificent landscape with pine forest

Located in one of the highest hills of Dalat, Vietnam, LangBiang is considered as a tourist destination for the picnic, to explore the nature and culture of the people living there.

Lang Biang is also an adventure tourist attraction with mountaineering activities. It has many travel services, such as restaurants, hotels, souvenirs. Especially, there is an interesting Jeep car service to take the guests to the top of the hill.

At the foot of LangBiang hill there is a valley of hundreds of years. Visitors can enjoy the Dalat gong parties, drink typical wine with ethnic people, listen to them tell their story and their culture.

The entrance price for adults is VND 30,000, and for children it is VND 15,000.

Culan Village - The beautiful indigenous countryside in Dalat, Vietnam
The village Cu Lan is located about 20 kilometers from the center of the city of Dalat, is in a small valley. This is a famous tourist village in Dalat, Vietnam.

If you want to go to the village of Cu Lan, you have to cross quite rugged terrain: rocky roads, strong currents and wild forests. If you do not have good health or young children, you should use the jeep car service in the ecological village of Cu Lan village for VND 160,000 per person, including the entrance fee.

c. Suoi Vang Valley - Where there is a lone tree
Suoi Vang Valley is an attractive place that combines excellence between the natural landscape and the creativity of the human being. You should not miss visiting the lonely tree, one of the symbols of Dalat. If there are children in your group, you should pay close attention because there are many small hills in the complex. You can organize camping, party, so it is good to take meals. You can buy wool clothes in the tourist area because their prices are very cheap.

To be able to visit you need to buy VND 40,000 entrance for adults and VND 20,000 for children.

Hill Thien Phuc Duc - A wild and fanciful beauty in Dalat, Vietnam

The Thien Phuc Duc hill is located in front of the LangBiang complex, about 6 kilometers from the city of Dalat. It is cool, airy, suitable for camping and picnicking. You can also spend the night there if you want to see the sky with thousands of stars or cloud floors in the early morning.

The road to the top of the hill is quite steep and difficult to run, so visitors must follow the available path to the top of the hill. Remember to bring food and water.

Interesting destinations for an unforgettable trip in Dalat, Vietnam
Zoodoo - A new destination for tourists to Dalat, Vietnam
Zoodoo is home to many species of animals such as kangaroos, monkeys, lions, ponies, Alpaca sheep, camels, etc. Visitors can approach the animals to play and feed them. The animals are well trained, safe and do not harm visitors, especially children.

To ensure that animals have comfortable time, Zoodoo only serves visitors at certain periods of time, such as 9:00, 10:00, 11:00, 14:00, 15:00 and 16:00. The entry price is VND 100,000 per adult and VND 50,000 per child. It is free for children under 90 centimeters.

Dalat's milk field - Relax between a peaceful place
Dalat's milk field is an attractive destination for visitors because it is within large fields of flowers, green lakes and specifically, there is the world of dairy herds. Visitors can visit the countryside, see the beautiful dairy herds while observing how people harvest milk from dairy herd cows. You can also try to harvest if you want.

The best time to visit the field of milk is from September to December, this is the season of flowering sunflower. Also around the field there is a triangular flower garden. It is a mistery experience to go to the countryside, enjoy a peaceful space, fresh air and experience as a true farmer.

Datanla High Rope Course - Challenges with adventure games
Located on the right side of the entrance to the Datanla waterfall, about 5 kilometers from the city center of Dalat, Datanla High Rope Course will bring you many interesting experiences that you can not imagine. Upon entering this area, visitors can enjoy exciting new experiences through adventure games such as zip-line skiing, walking in the fishing net, walking in the air, crawling through the pipes, walking in cobwebs, etc. These games are located at a maximum height of 20 meters, divided into several levels. There is also an area for children.

With prices of VND 140,000 to 350,000 per person depending on the age and time of entry, you can try many adventure games with 2 hours. However, always remember that before starting the game, you must carefully listen to the safety and equipment rules.
 Sweet fruits

Da Lat is also the paradise of vegetables and fruits. So the people of Dalat have created dried fruits. This specialty is handmade, easy to preserve and carry and has a unique delicious flavor. Fruits are cleaned, cut and dried without any additional ingredients that are extremely safe for health.

There are many types of dried fruits that you can buy at the Dalat market or the L'angfarm stores.

Coffee shops - Enjoy the flavors and aromas of nature
Me Linh Coffee Garden
It is known as the cafe with the most beautiful view of Dalat, Me Linh Coffee Garden is popular with many tourists to that land. It is famous not only thanks to the taste of civet coffee, but also has a unique view. It is at No. 20, Ta Nung village, Dalat.

Panorama is a cafe with a very nice design, it looks like a glass house suspended in the sky. It is the only construction with 360 degree view in Dalat. You can sit in any Panorama space and you can still see the Dalat landscapes from above.

Address: No. 723, Trai Mat Street, 11th district, Dalat.