Duration: 1 day
Price: US $29/person ( from 2 people)
Highlights: Pongour Waterfall - Elephant Waterfall

Daily tour: From 8:00am till 4:00pm


  • Highlights:

    • Pongour Waterfall
      One of the notable waterfalls is Pongour Waterfall. Pongour Waterfall is located about 50 kilometers south of Dalat and is considered one of the most majestic waterfalls in the region. The waterfall is surrounded by lush greenery, making it a perfect spot for nature lovers and photographers.
    • Elephant Waterfall
      Elephant Waterfall is known for its powerful cascade of water, which plunges down from a height of approximately 30 meters into a natural pool below. The surrounding area is covered in lush vegetation, creating a scenic and tranquil atmosphere.
    • Datanla Waterfall (Playing Asian longest toboggan-ride with the 2400m length).
      Datanla Waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Da Lat, with multiple layers of cascading water. Visitors can experience the popular activity of riding the alpine coaster, which is the longest in Southeast Asia while enjoying the stunning views of the waterfall from the second and third tiers.
    • Enjoy original weasel coffee at Me Linh coffee shop (fee not included in the package - paid service)
      They not only grow their coffee, but they also roast on-site and sell it from their cafe. Their area is very extensive with complex stretches from the top to the bottom of the hill and through the coffee trees. It consists of many seating areas, a shop, a café, and weasel living quarters. Their specialty of course is weasel coffee and they have a few options to choose from too.
    • Linh An Pagoda — The biggest God ness of Merci sfatus Bodhisattva Image of Viet Nam
      It makes visitors interested because of its location and architecture. It has an area of 4 hectares with many kinds of trees. In the garden, you can view the biggest happy Buddha and Lady Buddha in southern Vietnam.
    • Cricket farm:
      Thien An cricket farm in Dalat must be quite strange to many people, but if you have the opportunity, visit the cricket farm to experience the difference compared to the usual tourist attractions. Here, you will be enthusiastically instructed by the farm owner on how to raise crickets, care for crickets, and breed them. Additionally, you can eat meals made with crickets.
    • Cuong Hoan Silk - learn about the silk fabrie production process and silk weaving techniques of Vietnamese people
      The silk weaving factory in Dalat is an interesting place to visit, to see the entire process, from cocoon to the fabric. This is the only silk factory in the country that maintains the old method of removing silks from the cocoons.



All entrance fees
Tour guide
Purified drinking water 500ml/1 day/ 1 pax


Cup of rice wine, taste of cricket
Ticket for Alpine coaster, zipline
Other personal expenses out of the program
Lunch at a local restaurant
Entrance fee (Datanla Waterfall)