Bau Trang Tour - Flying Sand Dunes - Fishing Village - Suoi Tien

Duration: 4 hours
Price: US $22/private jeep ( group from 2 people)
Highlights: Bau Trang - Sand Dunes - Fishing Village - Suoi Tien

Time: 4 hours
Tour price: US $22 / private jeep, maximum 6 guests. (Price applies / private car, not / guest! )
Places to visit: Bau Trang - Flying Sand Dunes - Fishing Village - Suoi Tien.
Departure: Pick up time 3 time frames:
⏰ 4:30 – 8:30 (sunrise viewing)
⏰ 9:00 – 13:00 (morning tour)
⏰ 14:00 – 18:00 (sunset viewing)

  • Come to the white sand dunes
    Depending on the departure time, the jeep will pick you up from your hotel and begin the program to explore 4 tourist destinations in Mui Ne . With the morning program, the car will take you to visit Bau Trang (white sand dunes) first. The place has immense sand dunes, surrounded by a large lotus pond, with cool clear water all year round.

    Experience thrills with Land vehicles & ATVs climbing sand dunes
    Coming to the white sand dunes, you can walk around, or try the Land car service to climb the sand dunes at your own expense. In 20 minutes, the car will take you to climb the highest hills of the sand dunes. So you can see the panoramic view of Bau Trang. Then the car will run from the top of the sand hill straight down... An extremely strong feeling!
    Sitting by Bau Sen freshwater lake
    Surrounding the giant white sand dunes is Bau Sen lake. The lake has water all year round, beautiful and very quiet. The photos taken here will not disappoint you! Bau Sen is a destination not to be missed when you travel to Mui Ne !
    Jeep passes through Hon Rom beach road
    Before reaching the flying sand dunes, the jeep will stop at Hon Rom beach road for tourists to see the sea and take photos with the jeep here. This is an extremely hot photo spot!!! It is loved by many tourists when taking photos with jeeps.
    Explore giant sand dunes at Flying Sand Dunes
    Through the Straw Beach road, the jeep continues to take tourists to the Flying Sand Dunes (red sand dunes). This is a sand dune known to many Vietnamese tourists because the shape of the sand dunes changes every day.
    Mui Ne fishing village
    The car continues to take you to visit Mui Ne fishing village. Here, visitors visit and experience the daily life of local fishermen. With the bustling scene of buying and selling seafood, exchanging essential items, and preparing for a new trip to sea.
    If you come to the fishing village in the morning, there is one very interesting thing: take advantage of the beautiful view of the sea water + basket boat behind. You will get beautiful photos with a unique background.
    Wading at Suoi Tien

    The last point in the journey, the car will take you to visit the Fairy Stream in Mui Ne. Take a walk and feel the cool stream with a pleasant feeling like being massaged and admire the poetic beauty bestowed by nature along both sides of the stream. These are sand dunes with many different colors or vertical and horizontal sand patterns created from rain causing water to flow and form...

Tour price includes:

Driver (guide information )
Tickets to visit Bau Trang
Red Sand Dunes (no ticket required)
Fishing Village (no ticket required)
Suoi Tien (no ticket)

Tour price does not include:

Cost of riding ATVs, land vehicles, and hill climbing