Ganesh Indian Restaurant Sapa

Ganesh Restaurant was born with the desire to bring Vietnamese people a clearer view of Indian cuisine as well as bring the culture and cuisine of this country closer and more familiar to many parts of the world, including Vietnam.


Admire the restaurant's impressive menu
The name, meaning and impressive restaurant layout are not everything Ganesh restaurant is. This restaurant also attracts and creates a strong impression in the hearts of diners because the menu could not be more QUALITY and UNIQUE. Among them can be mentioned some favorite and famous dishes of the restaurant such as:

126 Lamb biryani: Lamb cooked with spices and herbs, served with rice.
75 Lamb korma: Cooked lamb cubes with a light cream, saffron and cashew gravy.
20 Tandoori chicken (Half/ Full): India's hugely popular chicken dish. Use a variety of rare spices and yogurt during processing. Then bake in tandoori to enhance the flavor of the dish.

There are also many other dishes such as: chicken dum biryani, mutton dum biryani, coriander soup with lemon, tomato soup, lentil soup, dumplings, hakka noodles, Sichuan rice,....

It can be said that in the list of Indian restaurants present in Vietnam, Ganesh Indian Restaurant is the most 100% Indian flavor. So for many diners will not be "familiar" with how to use spices and enjoy the dish. But I am sure that this will be a memorable experience for you.

Address: 03 Thac Bac, Sapa Town, Sapa.