Sapa town - an impressive fog town

Sapa town is a beautiful and romantic town with the spectacular views on clear days; fresh air and temperate climate. It is 333 kilometers (208 miles) from Hanoi and 38 kilometers (23.8 miles) from Lao Cai town.

Located at 1,600 m (4,800 ft) above sea level and North-west mountainous area in Vietnam, Sapa town is a beautiful and romantic town with the spectacular views on clear days; fresh air and temperate climate. It is 333 kilometers (208 miles) from Hanoi and 38 kilometers (23.8 miles) from Lao Cai town.

Experiencing Sapa town in four seasons
Sapa town is cool all year round, the average temperature is from 15 ° C to 18 ° C. It has a pleasant summer that is not as hot as the coastal plains in the country. In the winter, it is often cloudy and very cold as the temperatures is sometimes below 0 ° C. In the middle to the end of December Moon Phase calendar as the coldest period of the year, while snowfall occurs, Sapa town at this time looks like a dreamy town in the fairy tale. One of the most exciting things about Sapa weather, which make tourists love this lovely town more, is experiencing the 4-season-weather in a day: spring in the morning; midday in the summer with light sunlight and cool weather; afternoon in the autumn and night in the winter.
Immersing the spectacular views of Sapa town
In the heart of the town, located between the romantic peach forest and the green Samu reef, the ancient villas interwoven with the ones owning modern architectural style in the western style that gives Sapa town the appearance of the European city. Lying along the hillsides, the pretty houses with lime walls, red tiles and various shapes make the town more poetic. Standing in Sapa town and overlooking to the west, tourists can be admired the majestic view of green Hoang Lien Son mountain range covered by fog all year round. This range has Fansipan peak with 3,143 m (9,429 ft) in height, the well- known peak that is considered as the rooftop of Indochina, which is very attractive to those who love mountain climbing. Moreover, Sapa town also has many beautiful natural sites such as Silver Falls, Cloud Bridge, Heaven Gate, Bamboo Forest, Ta Phin Cave.

In addition, Sapa town also has many destinations for tourists to take a roam such as Ham Rong Mountain, Cat Cat village, Ta Phin village, Sapa ancient rock, Chan May street, Bac Ha market and so on. Thanks to its fresh atmosphere and moderate weather, Sapa is famous for its temperate gardens such as cabbage, kohlrabi, chayote, precious medicinal plants and many kinds of fruit trees such as peach, plum, pear. Joining Sapa’s markets, tourists will be immersed in the bustling atmosphere of those market. When the night falls down, the town becomes more beautiful with an attractive beauty. Taking a stroll around this town in this alluring night atmosphere or heating with the charcoal stove, eating grilled chicken eggs will the wonderful experience that tourist should not miss when coming to Sapa town.
Besides charming and majestic natural landscapes, nowadays Sapa town is also invested in infrastructure. Many of the guesthouses, hotels or restaurants, the fully equipped condominiums and high qualified resorts are available in this beautiful town.